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All cattlemaster chutes can be ordered with scale or undercarriage.

D90B Cattle Shute
D90B Cattle Chute
  • 88” x 32” inside dimensions
  • Both side panels open
  • Access door to neck area
  • Width adjustable
  • Weight: 960 lbs.

CMWC Weigh Chute
  • 5000 lb. electronic scale
  • Sturdy Cage
  • Vertical Slide Door Entrance
  • Hinged swing door exit
  • Available with cross slide doors
    and / or undercarriage

The Instaweigh digital Animal Scales are heavy duty electronic load cell weigh scales, available in 3 capacities and cover a variety of weighing applications. They easily mount under any cattle squeeze, hog crate, feed hopper or custom platform.

The all-steel construction of the scale has been proven over 20 years of field use. Load cells are rubber epoxy coated for permanent outdoor installation. There are no moving parts to wear out and no costly maintenance. All of the Instaweigh Scales will give you years of trouble free service.

The model 83-10 Digital Indicator features a large readout that’s easy to read even in direct sunlight. The weight is displayed in lbs. or kgs. at the push of a button. It operates on 110v AC power or 6 “C” type alkaline batteries. A computer hookup is standard allowing you to add the Herd Management System at any time.

Load Bars provide a solid scale base by eliminating platform movement that could frighten livestock. This, in combination with Instawiegh’s lock-on feature, guarantees an exact weight regardless of how lively the animal.

Calibrating and balancing at the factory eliminates installation errors and the need for an installation technician. Install the scale, press the Zero button you’re ready to weigh. This also allows for you to compensate for manure, mud and snow build-up.


PAX Heavy-Duty Parallel Axis Chute with Scale and Undercarriage
  • 8’ Long x 32” wide inside x 85”
    overall height
  • Parallel axis action squeezes sides
  • Full sides open
  • Fold down branding window
  • Hinged access doors front and back
  • Vertical sliding rear door
  • Weight: 1860 lbs.


CMCP Calving Pen
  • 7 1/2 ft revolving door
  • 10 latch points
  • Self-locking headgate

PAX Heavy-Duty Parallel
Axis Squeeze Chute
  • 8’ Long x 32” wide inside x 85”
    overall height
  • Parallel axis action squeezes sides
  • Full sides open
  • NEW

  • Bigger branding windows
  • Self-adjusting anti-kick bar
  • Squeeze handle conveniently located
    away from work area
  • Smooth, easy operation
D90A Cattle Chute
  • 88” x 32” Inside dimensions
  • Moveable sides adjust from 24” to 30”
  • Both side panels open
  • Forward rolling rump bar
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Weight: 840 lbs.

D90SP Cattle Chute
  • Width adjustable
  • Full side openings or top and bottom individually
  • Forward rolling rump bar
  • Vertical sliding rear door
  • 32” x 88” inside dimensions
LC9 Loading Chute
  • 32” Wide inside
  • 10’ Long
  • 9’ 4” High
  • Ramp setting from 12” to 42”
  • Steel slatted checker plate floor
  • Heavy duty steel frame
  • Point hitch portable
  • Weight: 1100 lbs.

CCWH Calf Chute
  • Self-locking walk-through headgate
  • 22” W x 60” L
  • Steel, slatted floor
  • Hinged rear door
  • Handles calves up to 350 lbs.
LC9 Portable Loading Chute
  • 10’ Long
  • Steel, slated floor
  • Adjustable ramp

Cattle Handling System
  • Height 6’
  • 10’ Radius
  • Automatic latch
  • Revolving door with 23 locking points
  • Completely reversable
  • Slide gate at tub outlet
  • Constructed of heavy wall 1.5” tube
  • Totally collapsable for shipping
  • Durable powder coated finish
  • Weighs approximately 1600 lbs.
  • Can be setup in many different configurations

Portable Cattle Handling System
Portable Cattle Handling System
  • PAX chute with self-locking headgate
  • Vet cage
  • 8ft adjustable alley and 8ft crowding tub with rolling door
  • Lowers to ground quickly and easily
  • Working cattle has never been so easy
  • Shipping weight: 5740 lbs
  • Very portable, easy to move

20C17 Cornerless 10ft Tub
  • Heavy duty construction
  • 12 Latch points on revolving doors
  • 6' High with a 10' radius
  • Powder coat finish
  • Copycat revolving door eliminates corners
  • Tub exit on end or on straight side

CT10 Crowding Tub